Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Scooter, Wheelchair, Stroller & Crib Rentals In Orlando


Q: Can I pickup the scooter from your warehouse or will you deliver to my hotel or home?

A: Delivery and Pick Up is FREE to all Area Hotels & Vacation Homes / Villas / Theme Park Resorts / Universal Resorts.


Q: Where do I pickup my Rental when I arrive at my hotel?

A: Once you arrive at your hotel your Rental item will be at Bell Services, Luggage Room, or Front Desk


Q: Where do I return my Rental at the end of my vacation?

A: Please return your Rental to the place of pickup when your rental period is done. A $25 fee will be charged for all equipment left in hotel rooms


Q: Can I cancel my reservation?

A: Yes, please call us 48 hrs prior to your arrival.


Q: Will I be charged a deposit for the rental equipment?

A: No, but in the rental agreement you accept all responsibilities for any damages to the rental equipment outside of normal wear and tear while in your possession.


Q: When do you run the charges on my card?

A: Although we take your credit card details to hold your reservation at the time of booking, we do not charge and process your order until we are preparing it for delivery.


Q: What happens if my scooter rental breaks down in the parks?

A: Call K&M Rentals immediately we will then troubleshoot the problem over the phone to determine if it’s operator’s or mechanical error. If it is mechanical error and the scooter is “NON OPERABLE” we will arrange to replace the scooter.


Q: How long will my scooter last before I will have to recharge the batteries?

A: The batteries will last the day and even at the max weight you should be able to get between 7-8hrs of use. We recommend you take the battery charger with you to re-charge should the parks be open extended hours.


Q: How do I know if my battery charger is working or that the battery is fully charged?

A: Please charge your scooter every night regardless of use (A red and yellow light indicates charging; green light indicates the battery is fully charged).


Q: Can all of your scooters break down easily to fit into the trunk of a car or van?

A: If you will be transporting the scooter in your car to and from the local attractions we recommend the GO-GO Elite Traveler Plus (3 or 4 Wheel). They disassemble easily by one person and can fit into the trunk of a Mid-Size Car, Van or SUV.